Case Study

OshKosh B'gosh Rebrand

Challenge: OshKosh B'gosh felt they had lost their way and wanted to return to their roots. Originally a quality denim-focused company specializing in overalls, it had become a low-end discount retailer in outlet malls over time. They were looking for someone with experience working with brands that embrace heritage and nostalgia to refresh their stores and product lines.

Outcome: Because of my experience in leveraging company heritage to build brand loyalty and reach new audiences, I was hired as a design consultant to work with the OshKosh B'gosh creative team involved in the brand refresh. Over a nine-month period, we worked to take a brand that was stuck in discount outlet malls to a premium brand with stores in high-end malls.

Roles: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Senior Designer

Leveraging Heritage

OshKosh B’gosh was founded in 1895 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin as a manufacturer of hickory-striped denim bib overalls for railroad workers and farmers. It was the brilliant idea of designing a pint-size version for the children of these customers that gave OshKosh B’gosh its true meaning and purpose.

The World’s Best Overalls embody the hopes, dreams, and pride of every parent for their kids. More than just a clothing company, OshKosh B’gosh is an emotional connection between generations.

Down to the Smallest Details

Our rebrand moved away from the garish colors, generic fonts, and text-heavy promotions used in the past to an aesthetic focusing on emotionally engaging lifestyle photography, the classic colors used in the original 100-year-old branding, and vintage-inspired typography.

This branding style and philosophy was not only used for the big picture, like store redesign and product packaging, but carried through to the granular level on items like online banner ads, coupons, email marketing, and direct mail.
Role: Art Direction & Design

Logo Refresh

Taking inspiration from the original tag used on OshKosh B'gosh's men's clothing from the early 20th century, we modernized the design while keeping a strong link to its roots.

Role: Type Design & Logo Design


One of the primary changes the creative team implemented was to focus on lifestyle photography to create an emotional connection to the brand.

Along with lifestyle photography, we developed new styling for product photography and photographed each season's entire collection at one time to save time and costs on designing marketing materials.
Role: Art Direction & Design

Style Guides & Look Books

As part of the rebrand initiative, style guides and lookbooks we created to communicate the new vision across all departments in ATL and NYC.

I developed the look for lay-down photography to be shot individually and as groupings. I also designed the style guides and lookbooks to carry the new branding vision for photography and art company-wide.
Role: Art Direction & Design

Store Redesign

Our team worked closely with the store design and merchandise display teams to maintain a cohesive brand story across all consumer touchpoints.

We developed initial concepts for our vision, as well as style guides for creating in-store sale signage and displays.
Role: Art Direction

Product Marketing

Having a background as a senior print graphic designer, one of my more hands-on tasks was producing seasonal promotional product catalogs and promotional mailings. From directing all of the laydown photography to designing the "catazine," I worked closely with Senior Creative Directors and Project Managers to produce a 36-page catalog on time and on budget.

One of the significant successes of the rebranded “catazine” was that we included nearly the entire season's product line combined with large format lifestyle photography in a clean and easy-to-follow final publication.
Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Print Production

Product Packaging & Labels

Because of my graphic design background with nostalgic brands and my hand-lettering skills, I was also tasked with developing a product packaging system. The system included tags and labels for various OshKosh B'gosh lines.

Along with developing an overall product tagging system, I also explored label and tag concepts for OshKosh high-end specialty denim product lines that were in development.
Role: Graphic Design, Hand-lettering

Online Store

The brand style guides also included directions for online store product photography, typography, and graphic assets examples.

Role: Art Direction