Case Study

"Dracuthon" at The Rosenbach

The Rosenbach Library & Museum in Philadelphia found my work on my independent type foundry Paper Moon Graphic Supply ( They saw posters I created using the "Spook Show" font I designed and loved them.

The Rosenbach collection includes Bram Stoker’s original notes for “Dracula.” To celebrate the 125th anniversary of the novel's publishing, The Rosenbach put together “Dracuthon,” an overnight reading of Bram Stoker’s classic gothic novel. They wanted me to use the poster design they loved on my Paper Moon Graphic Supply website as a starting point for the branding of their event.

Roles: Creative Direction, Illustration, Type Design


The inspiration for creating the "Dracuthon" event design arose from the style of 1940s and 1950s "Spook Show" posters. These were traveling, late-night movies featuring a live host and live entertainment that performed before the show and during intermission. The films were low-budget horror movies, but the main reason to attend was for the live entertainment.

Mood Boards and Initial Concepts

My creative process usually begins with mood boards and sketches to establish a creative direction.

But because The Rosenbach approached me with a clear creative direction, refined concepts could be developed more quickly.
These are the four concepts presented, of which two were chosen for final use with very little refinement needed.

Final Key Art

The final art chosen by The Rosenbach marketing team was developed into a poster design. A simple type-treatment was created for use in email tags and other small spaces.

Role: Custom Lettering, Design, Illustration

Font Design

When developing a brand or design, I often find that the exact font I envision for the project does not exist. That's where I rely on my typography and hand-lettering skills.

For "Dracuthon," I created two typefaces. Renfield is based on a typeface used in a 1950s horror movie poster. Midnight Show is based on hand-lettered and woodblock type used on vintage letterpress posters. Renfield did not make it into the final art, but Midnight Show did.
Often these fonts are created to make the final design more cohesive. The soft, irregular edges of Midnight Show fit in well with the main Dracula illustration.
Role: Type Design

A Campaign with a Bite

Working with the marketing team at The Rosenbach, we developed a small marketing campaign for the event that included posters, social media, banner ads, and direct mail to museum members.


An event as cool as this deserves cool merch. And thats what we have here.

T-shirts, tote bags, and stickers were key to the creative brief. This was kept top-of-mind from the start of the project. Ultimately, I used colors cleverly so the art could be silkscreened with only two colors saving the client money.
Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Print Production